EPC (Engineering-Procurement-Construction) is the “design, procurement and construction” mode. Design includes not only the specific design work, but also the overall planning of the entire construction project and the implementation of management planning. Procurement is not a general procurement of equipment materials, but professional equipment selection and procurement of materials. Construction includes construction, installation, commissioning and technical training. The owner and general contractor signed the EPC project. The owner contracts the construction project to the general contractor. The general contractor undertakes the design, procurement and construction of the entire construction project, and takes full responsibility for the quality, safety and construction period of the construction project.

Basic Advantages of Power Plant EPC

1. Emphasize and give full play to the leading role of design in the entire project construction process, which is conducive to continuous optimization of the overall project construction plan.

2. Effectively overcome the interaction and disjunction contradiction among design, procurement and construction, realizing the control over the progress, cost and quality of the construction project, and ensuring better investment returns.

3. The liability subject of the construction project quality is clear, which is conducive to the investigation of project quality responsibility and person in charge of the project quality.

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Main contents of Power Plant EPC

1. Planning and design

All work related to project design and planning, including solution design, equipment selection, construction drawing, comprehensive layout drawing, construction and procurement planning.

1) Solution design mainly studies engineering solution and determines technical principle, including the preparation of process flow diagram, general layout drawing, process design and system technical regulations. Specifically, project feasibility analysis, field survey, boiler room layout, preparation of boiler process flow chart, process design, boiler layout design, boiler parameter design, boiler and auxiliary configuration.

2) Detailed design is mainly the design of the construction drawing and comprehensive layout drawing, equipment technical regulations and construction technical regulations. Engineering design issues involved in boiler ordering, engineering subcontracting and construction acceptance, as well as design modification during construction.

3) Construction and procurement planning mainly includes determining the construction plan, estimating the project cost, preparing the schedule plan and procurement plan, establishing the construction management organization system and obtaining the construction permit.

2. Procurement

Procurement includes equipment procurement, design subcontracting and construction subcontracting.

3. Construction management

In addition to the overall project progress, quality assurance and safety control, establish and maintain the entire project service system (such as temporary electricity, water, site management, environmental protection measures, security, etc.).

To sum up, the essence of EPC is to give full play to the advantages of integrated management, transform the idea of “appreciate technology and neglect management” rather than the construction technology advantage. The effective implementation of EPC requires that the general contractor shall have strong financing capacity and financial strength, deep design capability, strong procurement network, and resource support and effective monitoring from professional subcontractors with excellent construction techniques. The general contractor takes the overall interests of the project as the starting point, and through the integrated management of design, procurement and construction, the optimal allocation of shared resources, and the control of various risks to add value to the project, thereby obtaining more lucrative profits. In the actual operation process, Taishan Group has strictly followed the EPC mode and achieved remarkable effect.

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