• Design of One Waste Heat Recovery Boiler

    Waste heat recovery boiler mostly adopts membrane wall structure, composed of steam drum, membrane wall, convection tube bundle, economizer. The deaerated water increases the pressure via feed water pump, absorbs the heat via economizer and enters the steam drum. The steam drum, membrane wall and...
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  • Small High-efficiency Packaged Biomass Boiler

    Packaged biomass boiler features sufficient combustion and high thermal efficiency. Small biomass boiler generally adopts manual feeding, and thus features low fuel pretreatment cost. Packaged Biomass Boiler Structure It adopts advanced technologies such as membrane wall, “S” shaped c...
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  • Design of Gas Condensing Boiler

    Gas condensing boiler is a steam boiler that condenses the vapor in the flue gas into water by condenser. It recovers the latent heat released during condensation process, and reuses such heat to achieve 100% or above thermal efficiency. The flue gas temperature of conventional gas fired boilers ...
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  • Design of Horizontal Pelletized Chain Grate Steam Boiler

    Chain Grate Steam Boiler is a single drum water and fire tube biomass boiler, and the combustion equipment is chain grate. The chain grate steam boiler body is divided into upper and lower parts, which is convenient for transportation and installation. The upper part includes drum and internal th...
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  • Taishan Group’s Improvement on The Cyclone Separator of CFB Boiler

    With the promotion of energy-saving and environmental protection measures, it has put forward higher requirements on the boiler industry. In response to the call of the country and government, Taishan Boiler specially organize produced conduct in-depth research and transformation of our boilers. ...
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  • CFB Biomass Boiler Supplier ANDRITZ Audit

    CFB Biomass Boiler is a kind of biomass boiler adopting CFB technology. On June 18 2020, two Supplier Auditing Engineers from ANDRITZ Austria visited Taishan Group for audit as a new supplier. This audit mainly focuses on the review of quality control system based on ISO (ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS...
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  • Small Biomass BFB Boiler Research & Design

    BFB boiler (bubbling fluidized bed boiler) is mostly small and medium-sized industrial boiler. It has greater advantages than CFB boiler (circulating fluidized bed boiler) when burning biomass and other wastes. Biomass pellet fuel is less difficult to supply, which can meet long-term normal opera...
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  • Biomass Boiler Customer from Singapore Visited Taishan Group

    Recently, a Singapore company’s engineering team came to Taishan Group for a business visiting. They mainly work on the biomass boiler and power plant EPC project. Their head office is located in Singapore and has one office in each of Bangkok and South America.  After showing them around our fac...
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  • Biomass Steam Boilers CE Certification Process

    Biomass Steam Boilers CE Certification Process

    1.1 Pre-Certification Since the entire certification process is rather complicated, the following are only a few key points. Thus everyone may have a preliminary understanding of the certification process. The enterprise shall firstly select a suitable authorized body (Notified Body) and entrust ...
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  • Corner Tube Type Hydrogen Boiler Design

    Corner Tube Type Hydrogen Boiler Design

    Corner tube type hydrogen boiler is an advanced gas fired boiler type imported from abroad. The furnace part is full membrane wall structure. The convection heating area adopts flag pattern heating surface structure. It features small air leakage coefficient, compact structure, safe and reliable ...
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  • Reciprocal Grate Boiler Development and Application

    Reciprocal Grate Boiler Development and Application

    Reciprocal Grate Boiler is another name of reciprocating grate boiler. As a biomass boiler, reciprocal grate boiler is suitable for burning wood dust, straw, bagasse, palm fibre, rice husk. Biomass fuel is a renewable fuel, which has less sulphur and ash, as well as less SO2 and dust emission. Th...
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  • Industrial Boiler Supplier Attended HEATEC Exhibition

    Industrial Boiler Supplier Attended HEATEC Exhibition

    On November 28th 2019, Shanghai International Exhibition on Heating Technology was held. As an annual industry event, it attracted more than 200 exhibitors, with an estimated audience of over 10,000. For now, more than half of the exhibition period has passed. There are many agendas, rich and co...
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